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November 11, 2014


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View my bookshelf. I read fantasy, romance, thrillers, mysteries, and horror. Every two years or so, I return to my blog to sweep away beautiful cobwebs.

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The Familiar by Tatiana G. Roces

October 6, 2015


The Familiar by Tatiana G Roces

The book follows the story of 16-year old Hazel as she discovers she is a shape-shifter and the daughter of a powerful witch. When she revealed her powers to her mom she was shipped off to a training camp for "familiars," as shapeshifters are called in this world. At the camp she went through a series of interesting challenges.

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Matrix of Destiny Series by Dara Joy

February 12, 2015


Knight of a Trillion Stars by Dara Joy

Matrix of Destiny is funny, corny, ridiculous, and sexy. I had crazy fun reading this SciFi romance series. Its heroines may not be the brightest bulbs in the planet and the heroes not often be aboveboard with their intentions but they made me laugh. They also provide me with that element I hardly see in stories these days, the pursuit, the efforts of men to convince their beloved they are worth loving. An old-fashioned concept, I know, which is probably why I rarely encounter it these days in the books with I read, which are mostly urban fantasy and paranormal romances, yet I believe it does add suspense and tension to a story, so I don't think this preference is only due to personal values but also to a preference for stories that keep me on suspense.

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Angel by Garry D. Kilworth

February 9, 2015


Angel by Garry D Kilworth

  An angel is setting San Francisco afire. To destroy the fallen angels hiding on Earth, it will stop at nothing, no matter how many innocents have to die. Now two police detectives have discovered the terrifying truth behind this epidemic of unexplained fires. But how do you stop an angel?   I can’t resist […]

Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole

February 6, 2015


dark skye by kresley cole Immortal After Dark Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance series

Oh, my. This series is hot. I have read paranormal romances before but Kresley Cole got me addicted. I don't really understand how it happened, so maybe writing about it will give me insights. The world of the Immortals After Dark (IAD) is populated by a variety of powerful immortals, from vampires to Lykae, witches, demons, sorceresses, Valkyries to gods and goddesses.

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The Society by Lilith Saintcrow

February 3, 2015


the society by lilith saintcrow

The black-ops government agency called Sigma broke Justin Delgado, trained his psionic talent and turned him into a killer. Then he escaped and joined the Society, an underground resistance movement of psions determined to use their talents to bring Sigma down. Competent, cold, and cruelly efficient, he's the best operative the Society has, a legend among the psions who fight a shadow war against an enemy that owns the courts, the press, and the police. Feared even by his own teammates, hunted by the government, and too damaged to feel anything but clinical rage, he is utterly alone-until he meets Rowan.

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Literary Sexts, Volume 1: Book Review + Giveaway!

February 1, 2015


Featured Image -- 2498

Originally posted on happy thoughtlessness:
“Do not fall in love with people like me  we will take you to  museums and parks  and monuments  and kiss you in every beautiful  place so that you can  never go back to them  without tasting us  like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you  in the most…

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Moongazer by Marianne Mancusi

January 31, 2015


Moongazer by Marianne Mancuso

On one hand, I find the reality-bending mystery engrossing. I was vacillating between thinking Earth is real and thinking it's a dream. The revelation is mind-blowing. The post-apocalyptic world with its underground levels, mutant inhabitants and deadly irradiated surface captures my imagination.

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