city of masks by daniel hecht

Posted on January 28, 2008


city of masksFeaturing a female ghostbuster who’s no flake… there are ghosts—maybe they’re the ghosts of the character’s sins haunting them or maybe they’re bona fide etheric-plasma creatures… whatever—they’re real and Cree Black has to deal with them to solve a murder (or murders). The paranormal encounters described in this book are mind-bending. and Cree as the investigator is unusual—because she’s both an empath and scientist. so we’re faced with this conflict of interest in the main character right from the beginning.

Ghosts aside, this book is dark and creepy—ghosts are disturbed, even malevolent, but not evil. According to Hecht (between the lines as I read it), evil is inside us—and it could become so powerful that it becomes something else…

indeed, Hecht doesn’t seem that impressed with the characters (except Cree, maybe). I think it’s because he’s trying to establish that evil or wickedness and all sorts of negative emotions are alive in us, in turmoil, oftentimes, out of control, sometimes—which cause us to commit all sorts of shameful acts, even murder or rape. the more powerful the emotion, the more powerful the effect—which could linger long after those involved in the emotions are gone… Hence the ghosts.