the serpent by jane gaskell

Posted on January 28, 2008


serpentI’m still almost afraid to admit to really liking this series. I read it, it devoured my world for a time, it made me so envious of a girl, frustratingly naive but who takes impressions so keenly, that i started looking around to see if I notice half the things she finds so interesting. It’s about a girl who up to her 17th year lived in a tower believing she was a goddess, only to be cast out into the world as a tool and a slave. Yet throughout her adventures and ordeals, pursued by the serpent, twisted desires, and political machinations, she retained her sense of innocence and never forgot to be ‘intense.’.. Shouting of secret juvenile longings and fears, this series, nevertheless ,calls to the adventurous, ‘intensely feeling’ adolescent within us. I could never forget Cija as i try myself to ‘live’ as much  as she did.

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