cabinet of curiosities by douglas preston & lincoln child

Posted on February 13, 2008


i have been wondering at how fond preston and child are of subterranean basements. in the CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, dozens of bodies are found underneath a tenement building in new york. other structures have mysterious depths: a library, museum, river-side mansion, pendergast’s old home in new orleans..

cabinet of curiositiesmaybe, they do it because it represents the unknown. in RELIC, there was the sub-basements of the natural history museum, nest of a prehistoric creature for years. and we, especially horror-aficionados, know how fear of the unknown is the worst of all fears.

here, I’m afraid the ground crumbles beneath our feet—just as it did for pendergast. knowledge proven false is more horrifying and dangerous apparently. terrifyingly self-confident and capable pendergast comes face to face with this peculiar turn-about. almost, the day, rather the night, ended forever for him and his comrades because he realized too late that the darkest mystery is unfathomable.

all of us have a set of beliefs, memories, and experiences that serves as the foundation of our lives. but what if that foundation crumbles and opens up into the darkest hole crawling with ancient terrors? what if we have not been safe all this time because the monsters have been living with us, just a floor-thick away, all along? that it’s just a matter of time before it reaches up?

we never truly walk on solid ground.

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