the tomb by f paul wilson

Posted on May 2, 2008


the tombrepairman jack fixes situations not things. not really that smart but repairman jack does a good job at loving and hurting. he sometimes misses obvious connections but he more than makes up for his intuitive lapses with spells of heroism and courage. never that keen on the rituals of and philosophies on chivalry, he nevertheless gets the job done even if messily more often than not… repairman jack is not terribly thrilling nor scary but exciting enough to keep us reading and wanting more–just to see how jack the character will grow and what other x-file type of situations fate will throw in his way. we have the sense that jack is being groomed.. for what?

well, maybe we’ll find out in the 5th, 7th, 10th sequel? in other words, repairman jack is a terribly good read because it has enough of what we want… i hope it will keep giving us extra though to keep us coming back for more. i am reading LEGACIES, second book in the series. i got my treat