war for the oaks by emma bull

Posted on July 15, 2008


A musician is recruited into the War of the Oaks, the fight between two opposing faerie races. It relates the struggles of a mortal woman against forces greater than she could ever know and against very human emotions for creatures of the sidhe.

war for the oaksIn the end, she reveals a power no immortal is proof against: love, for a friend and for music.

characters are well-drawn: the faeries can mix with humans for they have always had a yearning to experience mortal passion; but they are still fey; and the book is successful enough to let us feel their immortal sadness. the humans, with their powerful creativity, are almost as fey as they are. but no music or art could protect the humans from their own insecurities, which the fey play upon so well….

Ifound this books fascinating, not so much by the characters, but by the dazzling way it allowed us to see a city (Minneapolis) in a different light and in the way it gave it a pulse, a beat, its own urban music.

The idea of a hidden sub-culture is scary but also exciting. it’s city folks’ magical wardrobe into something else, i guess.

Also, it maybe helps us appreciate our daily routine (home, work, social/family life)–the contrast gives the world dark allure and not simply pastel shadows.

Anyway, War for the Oaks is successful because the author or other authors can continue to build upon the world created in this book and create more stories and memorable characters.

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