faery magic by mary jo putney, jo beverly, barbara samuel, and karen harbaugh

Posted on July 19, 2008


a delightful read, four stories about the romance between otherworldly beings and mortals.

faery magicthe fairies here are magical, certainly, but still very human in the way they fall in love, in grieving over lost loves or ecstatic over love’s triumph… we need to have light reads every now and then; else our brain burns out from too much of reading critically acclaimed novels and 700-page tomes about ancient mysteries or volumes on the theories about the universe’s origins.

we so need happy endings interspersed in our reading choices!

my favorite is THE LOVE TALKER by Barbara Samuel… very passionate, about a rogue faery punished for seducing pretty mortal women to death, to fall in love truly with a homely girl. he chose to be mortal so he could be with her forever.

the other stories are THE LORD OF ELPHINDALE by Jo Beverly – shows faery’s ruthless side, THE FAERY BRAID by Karen Harbaugh – an almost-faery defies her fairy stepmother to be with the mortal man she loves, and DANGEROUS GIFTS by Mary Jo Putney – a faery lord manipulates a mortal girl so she will agree to be his wife but ends up with plans in disarray and bested by a faery woman from India.

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