gateways: a repairman jack novel by f paul wilson

Posted on July 19, 2008


i’m so hooked on The Repairman Jack / Adversary Cycle series… already have The Tomb, Legacies, Gateway, Harbinger, The Keep, and Nightworld… but i can’t seem to get the books in order. i really would prefer not to skip volumes…

gatewaysJack is very likable because most times he’s just your ordinary guy – smart but not diabolically intelligent. in fact, he doesn’t always save the day for everyone; but this makes him more of a ‘real person’ for readers.

in this volume jack has to travel out of his beloved New York City to the Everglades to see his comatose father. he meets anya, one weird old lady, who reminds him eerily of other weird old ladies with dogs. he also meets semelee, a girl living with a bunch of physically odd men (alright, let’s be politically incorrect for the sake of clarity… freaks) out in the swamps.

both anya and semelee think jack is special. and this ‘specialness’ is connected to the two supernatural forces slugging it out with each other since time began. on one side is pure evil, on the other, pure calculation…

but semelee has plans for jack, which she will carry out even it means going through jack’s father.

jack also learns much about his father, who’s not the staid accountant he’s known all his life. just like jack, he has secrets, and it’s time they get to know each other