legacies by f paul wilson

Posted on July 19, 2008


In the second installment of the Repairman Jack series, Jack’s girlfriend Gia asks him to ‘fix’ the theft of Christmas toys from an AIDS center for kids. The doctor in charge of the center is Alicia Clayton whose dark past has caught up with her, colliding with Jack!

legaciesEver the fix-it guy, but this time out of compassion, Jack helps her solve the riddle of a house she has just inherited, willed to her by her notorious father. Apparently, there is something very important hidden inside it. Her despicable half-brother is in the pay of a mega-rich corporation and is doing everything he could do prevent Alicia from getting full control of the house.

Alicia doesn’t want the house though, she wants it destroyed… It represents so many painful memories, but everyone she enlists for help—legal or not so legal—ends up getting killed!

Will Jack be next?

LEGACIES departs from the horror aspect of THE TOMB. There are no supernatural creatures lurking nor are there ancient legends to act as clues. All we have is a clean sci-fi thriller; but one that builds really well on the urban mercenary-for hire angle. It also succeeds in fleshing Jack up some more.

Though I can’t really buy too much into the idea of an emotionally versatile jack . He can’t be so amiable one second and terrifyingly enraged the next without blemish. Sometimes, the way Jack is put out seems too carefree for him to really be this ruthless urban mercenary.

But F. Paul Wilson does have an uncanny habit of giving his villains and maybe-villains a sympathetic and all-too human face. it makes it really difficult to hate them. the mercenary in the hire of the enemy is crude and a cold-blooded killer yet all his earnings from his jobs go to his senile mother’s medical care. the enemy himself longs to go back to his country to rescue his troublemaker son from jail but stays until he can fulfill what he believes is a sacred duty to his country.

LEGACY’s storyline is just as filled with twists and turns as the previous volume, told in a clean writing style and fast-paced manner. I miss the supernatural elements of the previous book, though, because I prefer paranormal mysteries.

To sum up, Repairman Jack fans won’t be disappointed with LEGACY.