breath of magic by teresa madeiros

Posted on November 5, 2008


Puritan Arian Whitewood rides a broomstick to the climate-controlled existence of Software magnate Tristan Lennox. Lots of funny scenes as Arian attempts to make sense of elevators, flush toilets, and helicopters. Sparks of attraction fly between the two of course.

breath of magicTristan is at first suspicious then ecstatic as he gets solid proof of the existence of magic then ruthless as he finds out that Arian may be related to the man, who years ago, stole his Warlock Program, a software so powerful it bends reality. The answer to their dilemma lies in the amulet Arian wears around her neck….

This book had me laughing then had me reading out of duty as the two play out the dance I’ve seen in countless other books in the genre: He is skeptical but attracted, he pursues then recoils as he gets more than he bargained for; she dislikes him on sight, she realizes she is lying to herself as she gives in EACH TIME he grabs her. After they hurt one another terribly, they are suddenly filled with remorse and goes running back to the beloved. Usually, the beloved is forcibly in the arms of a villain (who has had terrible designs on the heroine all this time or had just been bidding time until he can take revenge on the hero).

In this case, the villain is Arian’s father, trapped in the past for over 20 years.

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