the ruins by scott smith

Posted on December 2, 2008


The Ruins by Scott Smith
The Ruins by Scott Smith

what is horror?

it’s having to plow through 500+ pages of drawn out suffering and the mind-ramblings of characters scared out of their wits.

certainly there wasn’t any wit at all in this book, just a bloated re-use of a classic horror theme: young people trapped in the middle of nowhere; there are monsters out to get them (in this case, man-eating, semi-sentient vines); they all die; another group of young people wanders in; they all die again….


the book was so slow (everything seemed to be going in slow motion!), too full of the mental ramblings of the characters…. in fairness, i think the story would have worked if it were just a short story. as a novel, the power of the psychic horror experienced by the characters was diffused.

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