the tunnels by michelle gagnon

Posted on December 23, 2008


Strange to describe a serial killer book as cozy reading–but that’s how I found THE TUNNELS, about a serial killer targeting the daughters of powerful men, murdering them in the tunnels underneath a New England college.

gagnon_the_tunnelsI read it during commercials, to make myself sleepy before going to bed, while waiting to take my turn in the bathroom, as I ate… I thought this book is ok, interesting enough, written well enough, paced good enough.

… Maybe it’s not strange at all but just very kind. the book was NOT good enough to distract me from the million and one other things I want to do these holidays.

Others who read a formula followed to the letter would be more scathing, I suppose. they expect surprises and memorable characters, which are sadly lacking in this book. Kelly Jones, the FBI agent was like any other tough FBI agent, her tragic past did not make her more interesting because so many other FBI agent-characters also had tragic pasts; her partner Jake was bland. and though the writing was easy on the eye, the plot was predictable.

The attempts to inject attraction between Kelly and Jake seemed forced… I wince (embarrassed for the writer) every time I encounter these instances

But let me be kind. we all shouldn’t expect remarkable stories all the time anyway. Our reading palate has to take a break from intense and unforgettable reading experiences once in a while.

Which is why we should be grateful that there are fluff and OK books out there. I am grateful, believe me. I am about to read the sequel BONEYARD–because I still have a million and one things to do and i don’t want a book that’s too distracting.

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