reliquary by douglas preston and lincoln child

Posted on December 28, 2008


Special Agent Pendergast as well as the other major characters in RELIC is back, following up on loose threads as well as picking up new ones. The result is a heck of a nail-biting thriller, only to be expected from the dynamic duo, Preston and Child.

reliquaryIn the first book, a beast hides in the subterranean galleries of NYC’s Natural Museum, killing and devouring dozens of museum staff and guests. This time the Big Apple itself is under attack from below.

Grotesquely deformed skeletons minus their head are fished out from Manhattan’s shoreline. There are reports of marauding groups of cannibals, dubbed the Wrinklers, preying on the homeless living in the tunnels and sewers underneath the city. When a member of the city’s elite is also murdered, the city’s police is mobilized into frantic action.

Detective D’Agosta calls upon the expertise of Margo Green and Dr. Frock to aid in the investigation. Pendergast shows up, suave but as enigmatic as ever. Journalist Smithback also joins the fray, bumbling his way into mishaps but succeeding to uncover vital clues.

Apparently, the Museum Beast’s story isn’t over yet. Its legacy has spread beyond the museum to the city’s desperate and addicted.

There’s plenty of firepower, claustrophobic thrills, gore, revelations, even mob chaos . The suspense is the edge-of-your-seat type, it doesn’t let go. I loved it and read it one seating.

Relic is the more interesting monster, but Reliquary gives us closure. So I give this book 5 stars!

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