dance of death by douglas preston and lincoln child

Posted on December 31, 2008


I was jumping up and down and laughing manically when I finished reading this book—that’s how happy I was with it.

But near the middle of DAdance-of-death1NCE OF DEATH, I almost hurled it away from me… so disgusted was I at what I THOUGHT had happened.

Thank goodness I persisted… or else I wouldn’t have found more evidence at how good Preston and Child are at surprising us. Who cares for a predictable series, after all?

Thriller fans should only have the best—and that means EXCELLENT twists every now and then.

In DANCE OF DEATH, Pendergast shows up alive, and almost well from the previous misadventures in Italy. Apparently, his diabolical brother Diogenes saved him—but only so he can commit the perfect crime, a part of which is to murder Pendergast’s friends… Then frame him for the crimes..

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