the book of the dead by douglas preston & lincoln child

Posted on January 1, 2009


The hunter becomes the hunted.

But before this happens, Pendbook-of-the-dead1ergast is framed for the murders of his diabolical brother Diogenes. He is incarcerated in a federal prison. His friends plan to bust him out… so that they can prevent Diogenes from committing his perfect crime.

What that perfect crime is still anyone’s guess. But they need to find out quickly if they wish for any hope in saving loved ones—the world—from the brother’s murderous hatred. They need to know why Diogenes hates Pendergast so much! The answer is within Pendergast himself—and he can get it, only if he is willing to remember.

Meanwhile, NYC’s Natural Museum is again the setting to a series of gruesome crimes. Reeling from a diamond heist, perpetrated by Diogenes, the museum is banking on the success of an ancient Egyptian Tomb, said to be cursed, to lift it from its funk.

But even before the grand unveiling, two staff go berserk, one savagely mutilates a fellow technician and an Egyptologist tries to strangle a curator. Despite all this, the museum proceeds with the unveiling, a celebrity-studded New York gala—it can’t afford to cancel, after all.

The show must go on!… In the traditi
on of previous books, a massacre is again in the making.

Pendergast and his team, as well as other important characters, race to salvage what they can, before loved ones are killed… before Diogenes succeeds to scare half the city to death.

Again, I really enjoyed this book. I love the breakneck speed of the action, the chapter by chapter cliff-hangers, and the frightening efficiency of Pendergast himself at doing what must be done.

But I was left rather suspicious of the ending. There was no confrontation, no closure between brothers. It was all very neat and predictable… But was it?

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