dark prince by christine feehan

Posted on February 11, 2009


Legends are born of ideas so captivating that they multiply into sequels. However wild, untamed the plotting, the story logic, the dialogue or the sex scenes, these ideas will bring in the unabashedly sensuous, the lovers of romance, the desperately lonely, the closet romantics, and everything in between.

dark-prince-jpegIn the Dark Prince, Christine Feehan constructs a world in which a race of powerful beings, the Carpathians, teeters on the brink of extinction. These beings live for centuries; have incredible physical and psychic strengths—they also must feed on humans for sustenance.

We know them as vampires. But in this world, there are two kinds: hunters and those who have turned.

Vampires are those who chose to feel again through violence. Apparently, immortality has a price: Carpathians lose the ability to see in colors and experience emotions over the centuries. Eventually, life becomes so bleak that they either must choose to end their life or give in to the temporary but addictive exultation of inflicting pain on humans.

Only a lifemate could save them. Because once they turn, their fellow Carpathians will hunt them down… With every kill, a Carpathian loses more ‘humanity.’

But finding a lifemate is not so easy. There aren’t any Carpathian women being born anymore. Children rarely survive their first year. Too many Carpathian men have chosen to seek the sun or turn vampire out of desperation. Their prince, the oldest of them all, has practically given up hope on saving his people.

Until a psychic human female make mind contact with him to cheer him up. Little did she know that there is no getting away from him after that.

“She came to him at dawn, his bleakest hour. As the beast raged inside him, threatening to consume him, he vented his centuries-old despair in an anguished cry that filled the waning night. And she answered, a ray of light, piercing his darkness.”

You can judge from the blurb: There is no waiting, no gentle persuasion, nor a gentleman’s sacrifice with this Vampire. He, and all his brethren, takes. I may not be impressed with the cheesy writing nor the oversexed chapters but I can’t deny the idea of immortal beings wanting no one else but one woman forever is compelling.

We know who the Dark Prince is. He is no one else but the Vampire of all Vampire-lover readers, the ideal of all passionate romance-lovers. Edward is more than pale, an infant, in comparison…

Don’t read this book looking for great writing; rather read it to indulge your imagination, maybe come up with better stories fed by the images and ideas from Feehan’s mind….. Which so many other authors did do, judging from the glut of Vampire Romance stories in the market.

I’m not sure if better stories got born, but readers sure sucked them all up.

Other books in the series (the Carpathians just get more powerful and passionate with each sequel, at the expense of consistency in story logic. Despite this and the repetitiveness, the sequels feed us romance readers—we hardly care.):

1. Dark Prince (July 1999)
2. Dark Desire (December 1999)
3. Dark Gold (April 2000)
4. Dark Magic (July 2000)
5. Dark Challenge (November 2000)
6. Dark Fire (August 2001)
7. Dark Dream (September 2001) (in the anthology After Twilight, reissued in Dark Dreamers)
8. Dark Legend (January 2002)
9. Dark Guardian (May 2002)
10. Dark Symphony (February 2003)
11. Dark Descent (May 2003) (in the anthology The Only One)
12. Dark Melody (November 2003)
13. Dark Destiny (July 2004)
14. Dark Hunger (August 2004) (in the anthology Hot Blooded) (adapted as a graphic novel in October 2007)
15. Dark Secret (February 2005)
16. Dark Demon (March 2006)
17. Dark Celebration (August 2006)
18. Dark Possession (August 2007)
19. Dark Curse (September 2008)
20. Dark Slayer (September 2009)

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