defending angels (a beaufort & company mystery) by mary stanton

Posted on June 7, 2009


We’re all guilty of something…

With all the things going wrong in heaven and on earth, heaven has to play legal court on earth!

defending angelsThat’s the premise that gets my goat. Actually, it’s funny how a supposedly light read triggered a flurry of philosophical and spiritual debacle within me.

Set in the most haunted city in the United States, Savannah, Defending Angels is high on Southern charm and Angel wit. I just don’t get why Heavenly justice has to rely on Earthly lawyering for prosecution and defense. With all its mysterious ways and incomprehensible logic, heaven is still supposed to know best, doesn’t it? But in this book, maybe it does not, as any sinful soul could get away with greed or avarice or any of the other deadly sin, or even murder, had he or she the right connections and enough dough to hire the best lawyer in town.

In this town, that lawyer is Bree Beaufort, fresh-faced in Celestial Court but already in the center of attention of Hell’s hounds. She thought she was taking over great uncle Franklin’s legal practice; she didn’t know that her new career choice comes with a client list that’s straight from the graves, and her company very attractive to exiled angels (by choice or as punishment, I can’t tell; the first volume is coy about it).

Despite the quirky characters, the breezy read, the deft dialogue, supernaturally creepy scenes, cool law office (a mansion surrounded by an all-murderers cemetery), this cozy mystery with an angelic twist gets one star short of five from me.

Because I think heaven is really crazy to hire lawyers; and Bree Beaufort, crazier for taking on cases of celestial head-aches.