neo angelique abyss – anime

Posted on June 20, 2009


Based on a video game series, Neo Angelique Abyss tries to press all the right buttons for anime-loving young ladies and gallantry-inspired young men, naively assuming that it only needs three major components to make it work: a beautiful girl, heroic young men, and an evil to be conquered… neo angelique

The land of Arcadia is beset by life-devouring monsters called Thanatos. Warriors with the power to vanquish them are called Purifiers. Angelique is a 16-year old student who discovers she has the power to purify through praying when her boarding school is attacked by the Thanatos. Together with four warriors (whip-lashing gentleman Mr Nyx, gun-slinging former professor Rayne, chako-wielding strong guy J.D., and spear-waving former Knight Hyuga), she travels from one town to another, vanguishing demons, and blushing each time a guy–practically every guy in this series–flirts with her.

Unfortunately, the beautiful girl is too nice to be interesting, the heroic young men all too willing to fall in love with her, and the evil is just a convenient excuse for all the fighting. Boring activated.

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