met by moonlight by rosemary edghill

Posted on June 27, 2009


met by moonlight

A magical force pulls book-repair expert Diana Crossways into 17th-century england, to a town where pagans gather and live in peace with unsuspecting Puritans. She is adopted by a townsfolk, thinking Diana fae. She tries to blend in, as she knows that this is a time in which the strange and unusual are branded as witches. From what she remembers of her history, the witch-finder general is cutting a bloody path across England; soon he will reach Diana’s little town. Diana doesn’t know that the witch-finder sends a man he calls his hellhound first to scout out his next slaughterhouse. This hellhound is more than he seems, though: a creature trapped inside himself. He encounters the woman from the future in the forest, the very moment she is brought there, and something awakens inside himself.. He calls her his righ-malkin.

Terrific fantasy and romance. But for the life of me, I can’t fathom the market forces that mislabeled this as historical romance—because it’s so much more than that. This is hardly fluff; it’s very well written, well researched, and quite intense. It reminds me of Katharine Kerr and Diana Gabaldon, though less epic in scale and lighter on the soul.

I particularly liked the ending: she chose love, whatever, wherever it may lead… which may not be wise and practical of her, bringing no happy endings perhaps. But the book is done, so their story is ours to do with however we wish. I choose to give them a way home.

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