bloodfever by karen marie moning

Posted on June 28, 2009


MacKayla Lane Lane, fresh but bruised from her encounter with the Lord Master, who she suspects murdered her sister, is determined more than ever to locate the Sinsar Dubh, allegedly authored over a million years ago by the Unseelie King, and is said to hold the deadliest of all magic. Helping her, or deceiving her, are V’Lane, a Seelie prince, as lethal as he is sexy, and Jericho Barrons, who uses her talent ruthlessly yet who swears he will keep her alive at all costs.

bloodfeverSome books I savor, read slowly, rolling the taste and texture of the words, story, characters, and setting in my mouth. I feel very civilized and sophisticated when I read this way.

But with other books, I gulp, I snort down, I inhale, not bothering to breathe properly, the twists and turns, the visions that overwhelm me with every line, quote, and punctuation marks. I hardly see the words; the book transforms into a movie, and I must read, read, read so the scenes will play on uninterrupted. I am a barbarian, and I love it.

With Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning, I can’t help but be a barbarian.

And I’m not ashamed; because on top of the brisk plotting, the characters that we may hate or dislike but cannot dismiss as flat, the surface tension that’s painfully fragile over Dublin’s streets and rooftops, the machinations that have been playing out across millennia from Fae to humanity is good writing, Irish folklore infusing each light and dark passages from one scene to the next, and unimaginably powerful chemistry between characters.

This last item is something we sense only most of the time, though, as the book does not indulge in bodice-ripping, thank goodness. There is bodice-ripping in this volume, but only because he and she (won’t say who) almost didn’t make it, only did so by making hard choices.

Now, as much as I enjoyed this volume, I am apprehensive about the next three ones. I hear there are going to be five volumes to this series. When something takes that long to build up, what follows may be a long fall. I’d hate that. I have grand expectations: will the succeeding volumes be a match for them?


The Fever Series has a cool website. The intro page has this creepy animation of Dublin at night, with thunders and lightning, and shadows that are probably hiding all the creatures I’ve read about in the book…If you have trouble visualizing the setting, visiting it will make the story come alive for you. Website at

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