jim henson’s return to labyrinth volume 2 by jake t. forbes and chris lie

Posted on June 30, 2009


Better than the first volume, as it has a lot more of Jareth and Sarah, nonsensical humor from the goblins and by the goblins, corny puns,  and silly gags, and gives us a sweet look into the events, the heartbreaks, that made the manga’s major characters the way they are now.

return-to-labyrinth-2-coverIt shows us the loneliness of Queen Mizumi, obviously a villain but not without cause, when Jareth turned his back on her a thousand years ago; the emptiness of Moppet’s past before she was taken in by mayor Spittledrum; and Jareth, right after being defeated by  15-year old Sarah, what he did to get his power back, and how he failed—which eventually led to the straits the Labyrinth is in now,  abandoned, without a heart and will, unless Toby accepts his role as new King of the Goblins.

I absolutely loved the last panel. Jareth goes back above ground, after dropping his bombshell on the Goblin Kingdom and overconfident Mizumi, to settle scores (or to take revenge? Or for something else?) with Sarah, now an English teacher.

Meanwhile, Toby is by turns a spoiled little boy and caring individual. He has a lot of growing up to do, I feel, before he can pass the tests Jareth cleverly dropped on his lap. His friends will help, if only he remembers to think about them.

I think the characters are better drawn in this volume—at least, Sarah is looking less dowdy. There is one drawing of the Goblin King, in the museum, which comes really close to David Bowie’s character (exuding sex-appeal, you know)–I’m wondering why the artist didn’t draw him like that all the time!

The Guest Art Gallery, by 12 contributors, composed of their interpretations of the Labyrinth characters, is really cool.

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