jim henson’s return to labyrinth volume 3 by jake t. forbes and chris lie

Posted on June 30, 2009


The Goblin King, an introverted geek?

I have mixed reactions about this volume. On one hand, I loved the scenes that played out between Jareth and Sarah. He’s a mixed bag himself: Does he hate her? Does he love her? Does he want to destroy her? Or does he want to save her?

labyrinth3_colorcoverOn the other hand, I hate that it violates the logic set by the movie. Is her will not as as strong? Her kingdom great? If the writer was true to this  fundamental principle of the Labyrinth Champion’s character, I doubt the story would take the route it did in the manga.

Jareth and Mizumi would not be able to steal her dreams all those years ago. The Goblin King would not be able to affect Sarah’s memory of her brother Toby. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, she fought her way to the castle, beyond the Goblin City, to impress on the Goblin King that he had no power over her.

And it was true: he had no power over her—and this drove him almost crazy.

So I don’t understand why Sarah is almost putty in these two fae’s hands now.

Anyway, in this volume, we get to know the characters surrounding Toby a little better, and to identify with their own struggle within the Labyrinth of their psche: Toby’s devoted goblin friend Skub, trying to be brave but always failing in the past; Mayor Spittledrum, Jareth’s ass-kissing flunky, knowing more than he should but actually serving to the best of his ability, warts and all; and Mizumi’s daughters, loyal, always trying to impress their mummy dearest.

In this manga, my favorite character is Moulin, always followed by a tiny thundercloud, and reading a book (the same book?). I love her outfit.

Speaking about outfits, what’s with Jareth’s clothes? They’re loose and cover him completely from the neck down. He’s positively conservative! Puleaze, why couldn’t the writer get this simple fact straight? Jareth isn’t Jareth without the tight pants!

In volume 4, please get this right, ok?

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