para kay b by ricky lee

Posted on July 12, 2009


Me quota daw ang pagibig. For every five, only one will triumph in love.

para-kay-BPero sa tingin ko, Irene should just have used Ponds, for that rosy white complexion. Maybe she just got too tanned for Jordan to remember her right away? I think she’s also a victim of her own superiority complex, dismissive of the fact that not everyone has her photographic memory. Buti nga na minumulto sya ng nanay niya.

At si Sandra at Lupe naman. Hay naku! I think they must have been reading too much VC Andrews that it turned their heads around. So their world turned upside down. This is a warning to all parents out there to watch what their kids are reading. Check out what I’ve been reading—see how normal I turned out to be…

Then there’s Erica, from romance-challenged Maldiaga, seeking true love, but ended up becoming the heroine of her own tear-jerker telenovela. I pity her, yet I also admire her (pero may palagay ako, madi-disappont din sya if her story turned out to be bland and ordinary).  No half-measures, ‘di ba dapat? Dapat sure—at nanood na lang sana sya ng cartoons.

‘Eto namang kwento ni Ester. Bastus! Bastus yung asawa ni Sara. How dare he get well?! At nagpakalalaki pa siya. Poor move. If he had turned gay, maybe he would have had a better chance of making his wife fall in love with him. Eh, di sana, nag-iinuman sila ng kape ni Ester, Sara, at AJ together.

Brenda? What about her? Ughs, don’t wanna waste more words on her than I have to. Que pokpok na babae. Hindi naman in-love talaga sa kanya si Lucas—only with the idealized Brenda; his grief was not because she didn’t love him back. It was because real life did not bend to his delusions, hmp!

Anim na chapters lang ang Para Kay B. The sixth chapter is supposed to reel in all the loose threads, tie all the missing elements together. Ganun? Kaya ba labo-labo ang mga eksena, nakakaloka?

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko ma-gets yung last chapter. Postmodern technique daw ito, a literary technique that defies conventions and violates the rules of structure… The book is also some sort of metafiction, say reviewers. Naku, hindi ko talaga gets.

Ah, basta, whatever it is, it semed to have worked; at least, for my college-age sister it did. She says, echoing Ricky Lee’s explanation of his writing devices, “yung limang kwento, parang fairy-tale… exag… pero dahil sa kwento ni Lucas, naging parang totoong buhay.”

She must have liked the book; she didn’t budge from her chair until she finished it. Ako naman, nagustuhan ko ba? Oo naman—may temporary insanity ako nun, eh.

Pero wala kina Irene, Sandra, Erica, Ester, at B#*@#^!! ang paborito ko.  Para sa akin, para kay B ay para kay Mrs Baylon. Walang tatalo sa kwento ng bombilya—haired babaing ito at mga amigang biyuda niya. Aba, nabuntis, ‘coz they drank the essence of their dead husbands. How positively Freudian!

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