creepers by david morrell

Posted on August 1, 2009


CreepersDavid Morrell wasted no time. From moment one, he was all action and business. He sent five urban explorers into a run-down hotel on a cold Jershey shore. The Paragon, once a magnificent-structure, was built by an eccentric millionaire in the early 20th century. Scheduled for demolition, the hotel contains half-a-century’s-worth of secrets, preserved behind boarded up windows and locked doors. It is the scent of these untouched mysteries that drew the ‘creepers,’slang for individuals who have a fascination for the old and abandoned. With a ruthless disregard for characters’ lives, David Morrell quickly disarmed them, and me, of the appeal of entering rat infested tunnels and breaking into what was best left to rot. For someone who frequently toys with the idea of exploring decaying buildings, this straightforward thriller is a wake-up call. I think I’ll stick to reading.

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