dead until dark by charlaine harris

Posted on August 16, 2009


Did Sookie fall in love with Bill, or did she fall in love because she can relax with him?

Ang kulit ng librong ito (a Tagalog expression, usually used within a lighthearted context, meaning any, or a combination, of the following: funny, crazy, endearing, outrageous, importunate…).

dead until darkDead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris is definitely that, and more.  By turns, it is hilarious, solemn, morbid, horrifying, romantic, dark, savage, naïve, lighthearted, and sexy.  But, always, it is fun to read, very intriguing, and so hard to put down. The story is about the adventures of a telepathic waitress in small-town Louisiana, starting from when she rescues a Vampire from being drained by a couple of con-artists.  Sookie feels her ability to read minds is a disability, so she keeps to herself, avoiding relationships like they were the plague.

Until she meets Billy, a vampire, whose mind was blessedly quiet to her.

In this world, vampires have come out of the coffin. They have rights, and a few are trying to mainstream, trying to lead normal lives in the company of humans. Chugging down True Blood, the synthetic blood invented by the Japanese, they don’t have to prey on humans for sustenance, or so they say.

As Sookie gets to know Bill, she gets pulled in to another world, one that is very different from the small town of Bon Temps, where she’s lived all her life. When one of Sookie’s coworkers is killed, suspicion falls on the vampires. Other women from town are murdered; most are fang bangers (vampire groupies).

To clear Bill of the murders, Sookie must use her ‘disability.’ There’s no turning back for sweet Sookie, now.

I’m in love with the series, crazy about Sookie and her vampire suitors, and head over heels over the neat writing, quirky dialogue, and great timing—or, maybe, it’s great editing: scenes play out to their maximum advantage, are not overly wordy, giving us just enough about the characters and actions for us to complete the picture ourselves… and, oh, my goodness, the pictures I conjure up sure are vivid… *cough* *cough*

Contrary to what some green-minded people will assume =P, my favorite scene is in the last two pages. Sookie is recovering at a hospital, Bill is comforting her, a collie dog appears momentarily in the doorway, and Eric the vampire head honcho floats past the window; “back to normal,” Sookie whispers.

I confess I cheated; I became so excited over this series that I skimmed the next books up to volume seven, focusing on Sookie-Bill-Eric interactions just because I want more of them more quickly than reading in my usual sedate manner could provide. I promise, I will re-read each volume, lingering over each word, soon. But, for now, I have to put a little distance between me and the series, as I became so enamored over Eric and heartbroken over Bill my concentration on other important matters was shot to pieces.