touched by light by catherine spangler

Posted on December 28, 2009


They did a lot of detective work.

The romance was average and mystery was so-so. But then I wasn’t looking for a spectacular read, just a light one, which this book adequately is. Math professor Julia resists gravity long enough that she actually enjoys a  getting-to-know-you process with a reincarnated Atlantean, Adam, who is also the head of a race of superhumans tasked to protect mankind from the followers of Belial. Caught between two groups of good Atlanteans and bad Atlanteans, Julia has little choice but to use her psychic ability to enhance Adam’s power of detection. That this process involves sexual energy and that an enormous amount needs to be expended to achieve minuscule results are quite beside the point.

Don’t we just love these obvious plot devices? They make things so much simpler.

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