b2b: how to build a profitable e commerce strategy by michael j cunningham

Posted on April 24, 2010


Back when people thought the internet was a fad, did they laugh at him?

How I got it…
Through libreria’s bookmooch fest at her house

Why I read it…

I decided I wanted to learn about blogging and social media marketing. This was the first book that I saw after that brainstorm.

What’s the story?
Internet, you mean we can use it for business? Yes. That out of the way, the book cites how well-known companies, such as Cisco and Dell, are using the Internet to support sales, communicate with other companies, and improve customer relations.

What I liked about it…

  • Internet for socializing, for business, what we now take for granted was the next big thing back then. I liked the enthusiasm for these ‘new’ ideas, and the vision it took to embrace what must have sounded ‘crazy’ ideas back then.
  • The author used Ivy League language, how I imagine the big guns talk across the meeting board. Reading it, I imagined I can be a businessman. Just because I learned the big words for surfing (assessing opportunities), facebook (building technological and organizational capabilities), and chatting (designing a successful business-to-business strategy using the full power of the Internet).

What I didn’t like about it…

  • It was published 1992. That’s like… last century.
  • I wanted an overview of the Internet tools I would need now, but since it was 1992, I wouldn’t find them in the book, unless the author was a psychic-geek.
  • The author hadn’t mastered the complex art and science yet of expressing himself in plain language. But I was in an impressionable mood, so the jargon hypnotized me. I don’t have the book anymore, so I’ll just quote from an interview of the author on Amazon.com.

“The unique combination of new low cost communications channels (the Internet), remotely accessible applications (ASPs and Virtual Private Networks), and new business models (Exchanges, Infomediaries) have allowed a combination of lower cost access to new markets and provided the ability for firms to offer products to service new work processes at will. Businesses are figuring out how to take advantage of this on a daily basis. .”

Impressive, right?

Hey, I like Fantaghiro23’s 555 Review! It made writing about this book so easy.

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