284 common mistakes in english made by pinoys by elizabeth p ong

Posted on May 1, 2010


Even Kokey took the book to bed with him.

If my jock brother asked to borrow this; and if he and my mom (who doesn’t like to read books) shared the content between them, laughing over common mistakes; and if he passed it around to his basketball team mates; and the team mates who read less than he does actually flipped pages and learned something, why didn’t I declare this book my best read of 2009?

Probably the cover, which is unbelievably boring, looking like a photocopier user manual.

Fluent in English? Think you’re smart? Tsk, tsk—You’re guilty of making the biggest mistake of all.

Of over 90 million Filipinos in the country, I wonder who can claim not to have been guilty of at least one of the 284 mistakes listed here? You know you’re Pinoy if salvage to you is a equivalent to a horrible crime or  if sauna is saw-na. So who’s your presidentiable?

From spelling errors to mispronunciation, from wrong plural forms to Filipinisms, from brand names used as generic names to misused words, this pocket-sized guide can save you a lot of embarrassment.

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