hallowed circle by linda robertson

Posted on May 4, 2010


How I got it
A Fully Booked haul. That bookstore is responsible for ruining me financially. Powerbooks used to hold that honor, but its urban fantasy selection these days is pitiful.

Why I read it
It’s a sequel, thus I have a sacred duty to continue on with the story, or risk eternal damnation in serial reader hell.

If Johnny doesn’t become more interesting, Menessos will be king. Then Johnny will just have to wait for Menessos’s Mordred.

What’s the story
Persephone Alcmedi is a witch, a columnist, and a do-gooder. That’s why even if her grandmother annoys the hell out of her, she lets her live with her; even if big animals are troublesome, she shelters a Great Dane puppy; even if witches and werewolves aren’t supposed to mingle she kennels werewolves when the moon is full; and even if she doesn’t care at all to be High Priestess she competes for the honor just so a bitch of a witch won’t win.

During the trials, witches turned up dead. One of the aspirants may be a murderer, with a score to settle with the coven.

To complicate things further, Seph is also the Lustrata, chosen to bring justice and light to the supernatural beings on Earth. Stained by a vampire, she must also hide her weird connection with master-vampire wizard Menessos from the judges. Jealous werewolf boyfriend, Johnny, isn’t making her full plate easier to handle. With Seph’s fascination with all things Arthurian, I can’t help but imagine the love triangle-tragedy this relationship could so easily fall into.

What I liked about it

  • It feeds my hunger for urban fantasy.
  • Seph and Johnny are likeable.
  • Menessos is not, but he likes Seph so now I’m curious about whether they will be an item.
  • Well-researched (so it seems to me) magical lore
  • The witches’ competition, called Eximium. I don’t know why, I really liked this part—maybe something to do with the presence of sharp retorts meant to deflate super egos that I can add to my own arsenal.

What I didn’t like about it

  • The fairies—snotty, snobbish, swat-them-like-flies creatures
  • The Lustrata, its role in Seph’s destiny and its place in the plot—rather forced. Suddenly, she’s the Lustrata and the people around her are convinced she is. Just because a werewolf is in love with her, and a vampire marked her?

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