truelove bride by shana abe

Posted on May 9, 2010


If you like your romance sweet, solemn, and intense, then Shana Abe is your romance author.

With romance books, there is a part in the binding that immediately opens to a favored page. Usually it opens to a steamy scene. With my copy of The Truelove Bride, I see that it easily opens to several parts: when the bride defies the laird her abductor, demanding to be let go; when the laird almost slips into madness when political enemies threatens to take her away; when he finally breaks through her fears, earning her trust for the first time.

I guess I found more than one part of it captivating.

After discovering Shana Abe with The Smoke Thief, I wasted no time in hunting down the rest of her titles. So far, I am still missing A Rose in Winter, The Promise of Rain, A Kiss at Midnight, and Time Weaver.

The Truelove Bride is essentially a historical romance, not the paranormal fantasy-romance of the Drakon series. It takes off from a legend though:

A hundred years ago the laird’s beloved bride rejected an evil faerie’s advances; the faerie killed her. Anguished, the laird calls on the devil to destroy the creature. But the devil demanded a high price for services rendered. He will take the fruits of the clan’s lands and loins as payment, effectively cursing the land and its people. The land will become barren, the children will be taken away, and the animals will not prosper. The curse will only be broken by a warrior woman with the mark of the laird’s bride.  But she will hate them.

And Avalon does. Most of her life, she was forced to become that legend by the old laird. How can she believe in Marcus, the laird’s son, who she believes sees her only as that legend also. Her visions, her hated chimera, more than adds to the touch of magic that has destroyed so many lives.

Or maybe that magic sought to save them, only they were too stubborn to let it? But I’m not stubborn. I got this book hoping to be spellbound. And I was.

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