the love talker by elizabeth peters

Posted on May 15, 2010


Even sinister fairy tales have caught up with  women’s lib.

The love talker is said to be a kind of fairy that appears to women in the woods, seduces them, and leaves them to pine to death. Laurie must find out, is there something in the woods?

And she must do so quickly or a beloved aunt may lose more than her sanity. On her return to Idlewood, a beloved family home deep in the Maryland woods, she finds that the woods are astir with more than the sounds and sights of nature. Distant piping  breaks the snowy evening silence and glimpses of an otherworldly creature intrude on the otherwise idyllic life her  aunts and uncle are leading in their old age.

Her brother Doug is also called upon to figure out if their dotty aunt Lizzie is really seeing fairies.

With mystery, humor, history, and eccentric characters, this classic Elizabeth Peters wraps up to an entertaining read. Laurie’s barbed wit led to one or two hilarious scenes while Doug’s too-slick-for-comfort bearing added another layer of misgivings to the plot. If a little predictable, as how hard can it be to guess with just a handful of suspects, and despite the slightly VC Andrews-feel in some parts, I still enjoyed reading this cozy mystery.

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