takod by david hontiveros

Posted on May 23, 2010


A journalist investigates strange stories in the once-sleepy town of Mapayapa. Like Fox Mulder, he has a personal issue to settle.

Awkward sentence construction. Overuse of analogies. Abuse of  the modernization-as-a-world-evil theme. Weak characterization.

As a novel (or novella) Takod, for me, is an epic fail. As a horror story, the kind I look forward to from midnight gettogethers, where only storytelling really matters, it works.

The idea that more than human evil haunts the world creeps me out.

In a country where a convicted plunderer almost becomes president again, a pardoned pedophile produces a party list advertisement in which he is surrounded by children pleading for help, and a senatorial lineup has excellent face-value and star power but little else, can we afford more than human stupidity to muck things up further?

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