the dream thief by shana abe

Posted on June 13, 2010


Who is that unseen narrator? So melodramatic.

Is there a burden more terrifying than the knowledge that one day the man you love will destroy your family? Lia, daughter of Rue and Kit of The Smoke Thief, has dreamt of the future for years. In her dreams, Zane, urchin thief who served her mother, has become a ruthless, master thief. Wielding Draumr, a diamond with the power to enslave the drakons, creatures of legend who can shift from human to smoke to dragon at will, he will turn Lia’s world upside down, and she will let him.

But before that future comes, Lia sets out to find Draumr first. As Lia does not seem to possess the power to turn, she was not as well guarded as her siblings by her people, and managed to sneak away. This is still a no mean feat as Drakon society embraces its women in a velvet-covered vice. Worried about the potential harm of the diamond, her parents had commissioned Zane to return the diamond to the dragon clan.

Lia intercepts Zane, convincing him to take her with him. To Zane, Lia was a quiet child. But now he sees a woman who has grown into her beauty. Through their quest, he also witnesses her grow into her power. To his despair, he realizes he wants her, but cannot have her, but with Draumr, would he be able to claim her? Could he become more powerful than the drakons?

Buried within the Carpathian Mountains, a diamond continues to dream, and call.

I don’t know if I like this better than Smoke Thief. The passion is more complex, as Zane is no drakon who cannot help but love the alpha who is his match. Lia loves her family and will risk all for them, but is drawn to Zane’s darkness. I am oftentimes disturbed by Zane, who is oftentimes not gentle with Lia.

Tenderness and brutality. Love is weird. But in a world where dragons still fly, Shana Abe has somehow made it magic. I’m still very much into dragons.

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