Cobwebs on my blog, but no spiders

Posted on August 16, 2010


Notice the cobwebs by the upper left-corner of the site near the blurb? I’m afraid I’m very behind in my TBR challenge and book blogging, and this site is looking more abandoned by the day.

I am tempted to say that real life gets in the way of my book life, but I review that thought and I realize how inaccurate it is, and how unworthy. Reading and all the bookish activities such as book hunting, participating in online and face-to-face discussions, book swaps, and blogging that have taken up much of my time these recent years have enriched my life and made it more interesting.

From all the cool people I met, I got all these cool ideas, from where the best food is to where the best book discounts are. Best of all, in my off days and stressed moments, I never despaired because I knew that whatever happened I have my books and I have this, a community of readers, a gathering of like-minded souls, and I know we’re making a difference.

Here’s a list of online communities. I like them, maybe you will, too.

Flips Flipping Pages – A community of people who love to read, collect, swap, mooch, talk about, sell, touch, smell, look at, give away books. A support group for book addicts. Though most support groups help addicts quit, this group enables them, encourage them to get more, buy more, read more, learn more!

On – main site, talk boards
On Multiply– blog
On Facebook– announcement of events

Bookmooch – Give books away. Get books you want. BookMooch is a community for exchanging used books. It lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want.

On – forum for BookMoochers Pilipinas
On Facebook– announcement of events and bookswap

The blogroll on this site, with links to Filipino book bloggers. Or check out the directory at Filipino Book Bloggers. Click on the links to pay them a visit. Leave a comment or two. Wait for the excited, Welcome!

There, I hope I swept some of the dust and cobwebs away. Hatsoo!

Not quite.