the ninth stone by kylie fitzpatrick

Posted on August 30, 2010


A jewel thief is on the loose in old London town and is murdering his victims; Sarah O’Reilly, who works as a typesetter in a newspaper office, becomes embroiled in the mystery that will eventually lead to India and a jewel with terrifying and occult powers.

In 2010, this was the second book I read, in January. Seven months later, I still cannot manage to write properly about it. In my experience blogging about books, I seem to find it hardest to write about books I loved.  I loved this book, giving it five stars on Shelfari. A relatively obscure title with a Gothic-looking cover, it captured my attention when I saw in the blurb that it follows a street urchin as she strives to make it as a newspaper journalist in the midst of a crime spree that saw several close friends dead.

With sheer guts and smarts, she kept the worst of the violence from touching her family, her sister. Later I found out that despite them the world did leave a mark. There was nothing she could have done. There is little  I could do also if the world decides to touch with a heavy hand my loved ones, only hope to God I can make things better–or He will.

I was more than impressed by the combination of mysticism and gritty reality in this book. But now I think I couldn’t write because I was reeling from its impact. Who knew I would see myself in this historical mystery? From London to India, from childhood to young adulthood, Sarah never gave up on following her dreams, even if it led her to a painful truth. If I can be as brave, I can conquer the world.

I finished this post; I guess am brave enough. And that gives me hope.

baby in photo is my nephew.