Sineater by Elizabeth Massie

Posted on November 20, 2014


Sineater by Elizabeth Massie - Artseblis - Book Review - Horror

A tense, psychological horror. According to legend, the sineater is a dark mysterious figure, condemned to live alone in the woods. He devours food from the dead to absorb their sins into his own soul. To look upon the face of the sineater is to see the face of evil. But in a small town, the sineater has a family of his own. The current sineater’s youngest son, Joel, tries to lead a normal life but his family’s history follows him everywhere. He grew up terrified to see the face of his father. He and his siblings would huddle on their beds when their father would come in in the dead of night to rest and to feed. When a rash of murders of those close to Joe occured, he must face his fear to prevent more deaths. Is the sineater responsible or is there a darker force stalking the small town? More than a horror story, this is a tale of how lives are destroyed by cultural expectations. Suspenseful. Sad. Good read.