The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos by Carmen Navarro-Pedrosa

Posted on November 28, 2014


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Here is the story of Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, First Lady of 32 million Filipinos, as it has never been told before….

A modern Cinderella story, it tells of how she rose from being a destitute child to becoming the most powerful woman of the country. As late as 1953, she was a starry-eyed, penniless, provincial lass in search of a good fortune in Manila. Then came Ferdinand E. Marcos, literally a knight in shining armor who rescued her from poverty and misery. “I will make you the First Lady of the land,” he promised her.

Complete, detailed replete with facts and documents which have been painstakingly hidden from the public by the administration’s image-makers, her life story as told in generations. It explains Imelda’s much vaunted charisma which in President Marcos’ own words garnered one million votes in the 1965 elections.

She is a person who is difficult to be indifferent to. This book tells us why.


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