Archangel of Mercy by Christina Ashcroft

Posted on December 19, 2014


Archangel of Mercy by Christina Ashcroft


Between an angel and a desperate woman comes salvation and a raw passion that challenges them at every turn…

When Aurora Robinson attempts to open a rift between dimensions to embrace her true heritage, an arrogant Archangel is the only one who can save her from the jaws of hell. And while she owes Gabriel her life, she’s determined not to fall at his feet-despite the desire she feels whenever they’re together.

After his wings were brutally destroyed millennia ago, Gabriel has no compassion for humans like those who ruined him and betrayed the ones he loved. But when he inexplicably finds himself defying ancient protocols to rescue a woman from a fate worse than death, he is shocked by the searing attraction he feels for a mortal.

As the ancient forces that seek to punish Aurora for her actions close in, Gabriel offers the tempting woman protection at his private sanctuary. But as they both succumb to their desires, they discover an even deeper connection-one that threatens to consume them.


The cover was hot. The blurb was good. The world-building had promise. The history of the angels and other immortals was tragic, and should lead to some interesting stories of tortured heroes.

But the characters in this first volume were annoying. The angels treated women like sex toys and the female lead was spineless. There was too much sex, which should be ok if there was a great story and writing in the mix. But plot development was sacrificed for sex, and more sex. There was no romance build-up at all. I would have liked to see the side story of the missing child developed, but it seemed it was just an afterthought. The inter-dimensional authorities, the Guardians, were like caricatures of the little green men, appearing from a rift in space seemingly randomly, chasing Gabriel and Aurora back into their little green island. Aurora was hardly involved in the plot. She was just made to wait in the island for Gabriel. After a few days, everything was neat and they got a happily ever after.

Shame, really. This is a case of a potentially rich universe that could be done justice by with  more detailed and tighter story, and less rushed character development.