Dark Kiss of the Reaper by Kristen Painter

Posted on December 23, 2014


Dark Kiss of the Reaper


He’ll steal her heart, then take her soul… The Angel of Death has a name: Azrael. He also has a purpose – to soothe the souls of the suffering into the peaceful passage of the afterlife. But in his twilight existence, Azrael himself has never known peace or pleasure… Until he meets Sara, the first mortal who can somehow see him in his Reaper form. Charming and spirited despite bearing her own burdens, she intoxicates him with the pleasures of life, even taming his brutal dark side with her fearlessness. But Azrael’s new happiness is short-lived when he realizes Sara’s health is fading. The bright flame of her life is about to be blown out. And he’s to blame.


Despite the dark cover, this book reads more like a family drama featuring rival siblings, disapproving aunts, golden-boy-turns-rebel, and the upstart girlfriend. The siblings just happen to have wings and reap souls for a living, the aunts can manipulate the fates of humans, and the girlfriend is your normal down-on-her-luck-but-nice-girl-who-just-needs-a-break-and-a-dashing-man-who-will-see-her-beauty-and-worth-and-sweep-her-off-her-feet.

Not that it’s a bad thing. This is just the feel I got from reading the book. There is no epic conflict. The world building is cursory. The characters do not stand out from the thousand others in paranormal romance.

But the romance is light and sweet.

Azrael, a reaper of souls, falls in love with a mortal with the ability to see him. He shows her his work. She makes him feel alive. They start dating. His brother reapers and the three Sisters of Fate disapprove. He continues to see her anyway. They marry. But she develops cancer. Apparently, he is the cause of the cancer, him being an angel of death and all. He is naturally devastated, so he makes a deal with the Fates to save her.

There is a happy ending. A cozy read.