10 Reasons to Volunteer

Posted on March 23, 2016


Book blogging is also an advocacy–it helps support authors and encourage reading. I also actively volunteer for animal welfare, environment protection, heritage preservation, and poverty alleviation through education and community development. Perhaps you also have this call in your soul to do something. Perhaps this article can help make the call sound clearer. 🙂

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It’s a common question to ask those who volunteer why they do what they do. Between the demands of work, personal life and everyday responsibilities, why do people enthusiastically spend their time helping out without pay, and sometimes in less-than-stellar environs? Volunteering is surely an investment in time and energy, and it is no small feat on the part of the volunteer. There are plenty of reasons to volunteer, according to volunteers we know, and here’s several of the common ones:

To give back to the community

Volunteering is an act of service, and many volunteers are compelled to offer their time and effort to give back to the community. Whether it’s the community that helped to raise them or one that holds a special place in their heart, volunteers help in community building by supporting the non-profit organisations that make the community.

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