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Trese: Stories from the Diabolical, volume 1 by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo

January 28, 2015


Stories from the Diabolical helps tide Trese fans over until the next graphic novel installment. It's a collection of short illustrated dark fantasy stories narrated by Hank the bartender of Alexandra Trese's club in Malate, Manila.

Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo

January 16, 2015


Fresh from the battle with a god of war Datu Talagbusao, Trese works on four cases involving the supernatural. Alongside her, the Kambal (means Twins) provide armed protection and magical brawn. In the fourth installment of this graphic horror series, the authors prove once again that Trese rocks.

TRESE: mass murders by budjette tan and kaJo baldisimo

December 28, 2009


Book Review: Trese: Mass Murders by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo

TRESE unreported murders by budjette tan and kajo baldisimo

October 18, 2009


Alexandra Trese won’t make it in Alaska, if she needs to wear a trench coat in sweltering Manila. But, hey, I can relate… style before comfort. In Trese, Manila is a black-and-white world, sheltering all sorts of things that go bump in the night. If there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who are you going […]

TRESE murder on balete drive by budjette tan and kajo baldisimo

October 17, 2009


Armanaz, Armazan… He’s still a tikbalang living in a penthouse suite. Where life and light should be are only shadows and grey lines. The map of Trese’s Metro Manila contains no details. All I know is that I am in there somewhere, living my ordinary life, and they are there as well, loving and hating, […]

Trese 5: Midnight Tribunal by Budjette and KaJo Baldisimo

January 22, 2015


In this volume, the series pushes for the beginning of a very promising story arc. The volume is episodic with interconnected stories. Someone is trying to do Trese's job for her. This someone is faster and more prone to sensational antics. Trese must catch this someone before he or she gets into too much trouble. Unfortunately, another player, a masked giant, gets into the picture to stand judge and executioner to the supernatural bad guys in the city. Trese and the Kambal have their hands full.

waking the dead and other horror stories by yvette tan

October 18, 2010


It flipped open at Delivering the Goods, and I was in shock seven pages later. In my imagination I heard no creepy background music, no dark shadows, just business-like rustlings of equipment and clinical white light. It was horrible.

underpass by gerry alanguilan, david hontiveros, budjette tan, oliver pulumbarit, ian sta maria, kajo baldisimo

April 27, 2010


Book Review: Another condenado might be living in the underpass in Ayala. Maybe I should jaywalk until I'm over my funk?

2009 Reads: Best High, Worst Fix

December 31, 2009


List of best and worst reads for 2009

read me lists

August 8, 2009


What am I reading now, plan to read, wish I have, click here. 2010: Pushing 75 January 1. The Magicians and Mrs Quent – Galen Beckett 2. Underpass – Gerry Alanguilan, David Hontiveros, Budjette Tan, Oliver Pulumbarit, Ian Sta. Maria, KaJo Baldisimo 3. The Ninth Stone – Kylie FitzpatrickFebruary 4. The Smoke Thief – Shana […]