About me

Forget about me. Let’s read and talk about books.



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  1. Dear Michele

    I tried to connect to you through LinkedIn but couldn’t, so I am writing to the email you put there.

    We have an opening for a social media expert and content contributor for a weekly food magazine that is due to be launched in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    If you find yourself interested, please drop me a line and let us see how to discuss the issue further.

    Best regards

    Nabil Baradey


  2. Hi! I read one of your post about a book – Ang Pandacan Maynila by Ricardo B. Mendoza, I am currently doing my masters thesis paper about Pandacan. So I was wondering if you could tell me where I can buy a copy of the book?



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  3. Hi just wondering if it will be okay to you if I sent you the book of mr. Roberston Tan entitled What Would You Do.


    • Thanks, Ronnah! For review? I haven’t been actively reviewing books now, though. Too busy blogging on another site (wheninmanila.com). But thanks again!



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