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Angel by Garry D. Kilworth

February 9, 2015


  An angel is setting San Francisco afire. To destroy the fallen angels hiding on Earth, it will stop at nothing, no matter how many innocents have to die. Now two police detectives have discovered the terrifying truth behind this epidemic of unexplained fires. But how do you stop an angel?   I can’t resist […]

Archangel of Mercy by Christina Ashcroft

December 19, 2014


The blurb was hot. The world-building had promise. The history of the angels and other immortals was tragic, and should lead to some interesting stories of tortured heroes. But the characters in this first volume are annoying. The angels treat women like sex toys and the female lead was spineless.

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

December 17, 2014


In the pages of archives they are wondrous, perilous and magnificent. Strong but weak, wanting love, needing to be a part of the world even if they had to turn their backs on heaven. But in chapters where we see them, so to speak, in the flesh, experience the way they truly think, speak and act, their glamour quickly falls away, revealing only shallow, petty souls. Not so magnificent after all.