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marketing to the social web by larry weber

May 2, 2010


Social Media 101 -- just because everyone is doing it means we have to do it also? What happens if we ignore it?

284 common mistakes in english made by pinoys by elizabeth p ong

May 1, 2010


Think you're fluent in English? Read this book, enjoy being set straight.

b2b: how to build a profitable e commerce strategy by michael j cunningham

April 24, 2010


Book Review: Back when people thought the internet was a fad, did they laugh at him?

the glass books of the dream eaters by gordon dahlquist

February 27, 2010


It's all in the details, indeed. But, remember, too much of anything can be sickening.

TRESE unreported murders by budjette tan and kajo baldisimo

October 18, 2009


Alexandra Trese won’t make it in Alaska, if she needs to wear a trench coat in sweltering Manila. But, hey, I can relate… style before comfort. In Trese, Manila is a black-and-white world, sheltering all sorts of things that go bump in the night. If there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who are you going […]

TRESE murder on balete drive by budjette tan and kajo baldisimo

October 17, 2009


Armanaz, Armazan… He’s still a tikbalang living in a penthouse suite. Where life and light should be are only shadows and grey lines. The map of Trese’s Metro Manila contains no details. All I know is that I am in there somewhere, living my ordinary life, and they are there as well, loving and hating, […]

tapestry by lynn kurland, madeline hunter, karen marie moning, and sherrilyn kenyon

October 11, 2009


book review: Tapestry by Lynn kurland, Madeline Hunter, Karen Marie Moning, and Sherrilyn kKnyon

callwork, a call center life by hazel manzano

October 11, 2009


See, whining is useful! “Most of her comics are centered on the agent’s perspective. It is a good resource because it shows what the bigger population is thinking. All are true and though it is presented as being humorous, it is being used by management as basis to improve processes and employee satisfaction in the […]

the hunger games by suzanne collins

October 4, 2009


book review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

the highlander’s touch by karen marie moning

October 3, 2009


book review: The Highlander's Touch by Karen Marie Moning