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the laughter of dead kings – vicky bliss mystery by elizabeth peters

July 7, 2010


Transplanted from 1994 (when the last Vicky Bliss was published) to 2008, Vicky Bliss along with John Smythe (master thief, lover, and frequent adversary) and Herr Dr. Anton Schmidt (museum director, bossy boss) often sound disoriented and out-of-character, clumsy where once she sizzled with energy.

night train to memphis – vicky bliss mystery by elizabeth peters

July 5, 2010


In her latest adventure, a cruise down the Nile to Egypt’s Pyramids and royal necropolis, the historian-slash-sleuth gets the shock of her life when on-and-off lover John Smythe turns up with a wife. More shockers are in store as scorned Vicky takes off her kid gloves to unmask her greatest rival before he robs the Cairo Museum.

trojan gold – a vicky bliss mystery by elizabeth peters

June 6, 2010


Anton Schmidt, head director of Munich’s Art Museum has grown from insignificant character of the first book to pudgy but tenacious sidekick to Vicky’s detective.

silhoutte in scarlet – a vicky bliss mystery by elizabeth peters

May 22, 2010


Who can resist following up the taming of the thief by the gorgeous historian?

street of five moons – a vicky bliss mystery by elizabeth peters

May 17, 2010


Master Criminal to Brilliant Amateur Sleuth. A match made in Elizabeth Peters heaven.

the love talker by elizabeth peters

May 15, 2010


Even sinister fairy tales have caught up with women's lib.

borrower of the night – a vicky bliss murder mystery by elizabeth peters

May 11, 2010


A brainy and beautiful art historian. A treasure hunt. A medieval castle with secret passages. A battle of the sexes aka professional rivalry. An infatuated co-professor. And a possibly murderous, possibly ghost.