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the lost language by marianne villanueva

February 1, 2011


It’s like I was reading a diary. But it wasn’t truly voyeurism, because sometimes it felt like reading something from my own diary. I didn’t understand many of the mythological references, though. Isn’t our psyche already unfathomable that to mask it with riddles an overkill?

maligayang pagdating sa sitio catacutan by tony perez

January 31, 2011


“Hanggat hindi nawawala ang pang-aapi sa mundo, hindi rin mawawala ang mga multo.” Six ghost stories set in Cubao, Metro Manila’s go-to place for the weird and uncommon. My kind of place. Not my completely my kind of book.

under lock and key by lookslikerein

October 14, 2010


Every last Saturday of the month, they would meet in the park and drop another memory into a little box... Read this book if you like Young Adult fiction about loss and acceptance of that loss; books about friendship and growing up; to support works by young Filipino authors.

tragic theater by gm coronel

October 12, 2010


What's scarier than angry ghosts? At the Manila Film Center, a group of psychics and mediums found out. Turn off the aircon before you read it. The air will feel chilly soon enough.

parman by david hontiveros

September 22, 2010


Fast forward to the 21st century, Uno remains solitary, hunting enemies, and woefully ignorant of pop culture. A shadow-master is tearing the souls off anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way. Uno gets in touch with allies from the Shadow-Trading world to find out what his enemy’s weaknesses are.

craving by david hontiveros

September 21, 2010


The hole in the back of her neck?! That image is burning a hole in my imagination blacker than the ghost of a raped woman in the movie Shutter, sitting, always sitting, on the shoulders of the man who wronged her.

takod by david hontiveros

May 23, 2010


A journalist investigates strange stories in the once-sleepy town of Mapayapa. Like Fox Mulder, he has a personal issue to settle.

underpass by gerry alanguilan, david hontiveros, budjette tan, oliver pulumbarit, ian sta maria, kajo baldisimo

April 27, 2010


Book Review: Another condenado might be living in the underpass in Ayala. Maybe I should jaywalk until I'm over my funk?