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Night Shift by Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Lisa Shearin, and Milla Vane

December 11, 2014


This collection of four urban fantasy and paranormal romance stories works for me. I really liked Ilona Andrews’ novella, Magic Steals, and Lisa Shearin’s Lucky Charms. I also enjoyed Nalini Singh's Secrets at Midnight.

Cravings by Laurell K. Hamilton, MaryJanice Davidson, Eileen Wilks, and Rebecca York

November 8, 2014


Book review of Cravings featuring short stories by urban fantasy authors Laurell K. Hamilton, MaryJanice Davidson, Eileen Wilks, and Rebecca York.

grave witch – an alex craft novel by kalayna price

November 22, 2010


Grave witch Alex Craft can speak to the dead, but that doesn’t mean she likes what they say.

dying bites – the bloodhound files by dd barant

May 6, 2010


In a world of vampires, werewolves, demons, and golems, black and white is an impossibility.

hallowed circle by linda robertson

May 4, 2010


If Johnny doesn't become more interesting, Menessos will be king. Then Johnny will just have to wait for Menessos's Mordred.

house of dark delights / bound in moonlight by louisa burton

December 31, 2009


Book review: House of Dark Delights and Bound in Moonlight by Louisa Burton

TRESE unreported murders by budjette tan and kajo baldisimo

October 18, 2009


Alexandra Trese won’t make it in Alaska, if she needs to wear a trench coat in sweltering Manila. But, hey, I can relate… style before comfort. In Trese, Manila is a black-and-white world, sheltering all sorts of things that go bump in the night. If there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who are you going […]

TRESE murder on balete drive by budjette tan and kajo baldisimo

October 17, 2009


Armanaz, Armazan… He’s still a tikbalang living in a penthouse suite. Where life and light should be are only shadows and grey lines. The map of Trese’s Metro Manila contains no details. All I know is that I am in there somewhere, living my ordinary life, and they are there as well, loving and hating, […]

unclean spirits: book one of the black sun’s daughter by m.l.n hanover

September 27, 2009


Unclean Spirits: Book One of the Black Sun's Daughter by M.L.N Hanover

must love hellhounds by charlaine harris, nalini singh, ilona andrews, and meljean brook

September 27, 2009


Book Review: Must Love Hellhounds by Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, and Meljean Brook